My dad(or pops as we called him!) turns 60 today. If he were here today, we’d be watching the cricket match and having detailed discussions about it’s nuances on a phone call(if we were in different cities) or over a hot plate of pakoras(if we weren’t). It’s moments like that, which I’ll always cherish, and miss, Pops.

I don’t think we ever truly realized how lucky we were to be able to call someone like you our dad. I guess we never think about those things until it’s too late, especially us sons. But, I hope you knew, you understood, how much you meant to us. Every little good thing that the world sees in me, in my brother, is a reflection of how you brought us up, the examples you set, the things you opened our eyes to, and the belief you had in us. I hope we’re able to let those parts of you live on within us. On a related note, the jar-opening trick you taught me never fails to impress people 😉

I’d like to believe that you’re still watching over us somehow. Have a great 60th birthday, Pops! Our world’s always going to be a poorer place without you.

4 thoughts on “Happy sixtieth birthday Pops!

  1. I’m sorry the Dad who loved you so much died so young. You are most fortunate even for the few years. Many blessings for you.
        I had a Father who hated the world so much. He grew up in an Orphanage and never knew how to be a Father. He hated me so much because he thought I was like a privileged outsider that my Mother favored too much, like the hated ones outside the Orphanage who had all the advantages. So he destroyed all his children with monstrous and continuous criticism. And he succeeded in making everyone fail. So when he died at 72, we were very happy, and very sad he would not let us love him.


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