The Broomie Code (patent pending)

All of my room-mates recently moved out for the usual reasons (getting married, getting transferred, going to jail). I had to make a choice – stay alone or look for a room-mate. I opted for the latter – hey you only live once, right? First few interviews and hundreds of missing spoons later, I realized that in order to ease the process, I first needed to define how the perfect room-mate should behave. So, I got thinking, and one thing led to the another, and voila – the ‘Broomie Code’ (inspired by the Bro Code’) was born. Here’s the first draft (still in the RFC stage) of the soon to be sacred code:

1. A broomie always replaces the last packet of maggi after eating it. There are no exceptions to this rule.
2. A broomie does not hog the internet bandwidth, and schedules his downloads in the night.
3. A broomie loves the same sports as you, or he gets his own TV.
4. A broomie does not watch soap operas (includes Splitsvilla/Roadies) – not even if he gets his own TV.
5. A broomie does not complain about the noise – he uses headphones to drown it out.
6. A broomie trashes his room to look worse than your room when your parents visit.
7. A broomie drags in broomies that have passed out on the wrong side of the front door no matter how late it is.
8. A broomie does not mention your burping skills in front of your female friends.
9. A broomie mentions your burping skills in front of your male friends.
10. A broomie is able to hold his liquor – at least while he is in the common area.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten but together with your help, I’m sure we can have a 100-page document ready in no time.
So, please feel free to suggest additions/modifications to this list in the comments section.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, I stay alone now.