Get real

Reality is funny. Reality is even funnier if it happens to someone else and you get to watch. To be honest, I didn’t know we had so much reality amongst us until I flipped the channel one day and I was transported to this whole new world. It was kind of surreal if you know what I mean.

Reality is traditional. A lady just chose her groom on a reality show last week. It’s so nice to see the return of traditional values in society. You must remember that swayamvars were how the ladies got hitched back in the good old days. It is very admirable of the TV guys to finally give tradition its due. I’ve always said that tradition is where it’s at nowadays. Modern thought is so last century.

Reality is noble. There’s a reality show that’s taken it upon itself to lift our society from the dredges of immorality that it has slipped into. Yes, I’m talking about the show where people are hooked up to a lie detector and are rewarded for being truthful. You know what – it moved me. I mean here’s one show that our children can learn good moral values from. How else would they learn that telling the whole world that you cheated on your wife can be a rewarding experience(worth at least 100k)? The truth can now literally set you free, of your family and friends that is, none of whom would come near you after they come to know what you really think of them. But who needs those ingrates when truth is on your side? Not you, no way!

Reality is educational. For example, I chanced upon this great show named toadies(or something similar, I forget), which is like a fountain of knowledge that just doesn’t stop giving. I learnt one of life’s biggest lessons right here – stay away from bald guys. It’s clear that they can somehow control the minds of impressionable youth and make them do whatever they want. And worst of all, they seem to have discovered how to replicate. But that’s not all, this show also teaches you valuable skills. After watching just a couple of shows, my three year old nephew had learnt five new grown up words. It would have taken him years to pick those up without their help. He has also developed some very useful lip reading skills which he puts to good use by explaining to me what the contestants are talking about(it’s not always audible over the bleeps you know).

So get real and embrace these fine specimens of television programming. After all, there’s no escaping reality.