It’s that time of the year again – the time everyone makes ‘Best of the year’ lists. I thought I would make mine with a small change though – the items on my my list won’t necessary have released in 2008, they would be things that ‘I’ have come across this year.
With the explanation out of the way, I’ll begin my list with the ‘Best book I discovered this year’ category.

And the award goes to… A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. I was introduced to this brilliant read by my brother and have since recommended/gifted this to a multitude of people and they’ve ‘all’ become instant fans.

The book is an absolutely fluid guide to how the various fields of science have evolved to their current state over the years. It’s replete with fascinating anecdotes involving little known as well as the famous giants of science that helped shape science and the world as we know it. The book should earn its place on the bookshelves of any reader with ease.

It’s highly recommended, especially for children that are ticked off by the dull science texts that they’re forced to read at school.

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