Oh and by the way, this blog has moved from Mumbai to Bangalore.

This opens a lot of avenues for this blog, food-wise anyway. Bangalore is the food capital of India (that’s right) and it gives me the opportunity to regale you with tales from my dining diaries.  

I like Bangalore – it has good food, good people and great traffic jams. But how is that any different from Mumbai you ask? The great thing about Bangalore is the sheer compactness of the city. In Mumbai when you want to dine out at your favourite restaurant, you plan in  advance, you get home from work early, and then you pray that the traffic won’t be as bad as last weekend (which trust me, it will be). The meals don’t begin with starters here, they begin with a long commute. Enter Bangalore. The city has a large variety of cuisine to offer like Mumbai, but the fact that the city is much smaller in size, ensures that these restaurants are in close proximity to where you stay. You would find a lot of streets where numerous restaurants are huddled close together. Eating out here is hence a much more relaxing experience.

 Next up, restaurant reviews!

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