Here’s a short story that I wrote a little while ago. Do tell me how you like it:

“Non-intelligent life-forms should not be allowed to exist. They take up too much of our precious resources. My invention will take care of them.”
“But doctor, what will the animal welfare organizations say?” said the assistant.
“Who cares?”
“Plants aren’t too intelligent, are they? And we need them to maintain the atmosphere. They’ll go too!”
“I’ve excluded all plant-forms. They shouldn’t be affected…what’s that noise?”
“It’s the press, along with the evangelists, student organizations, environmentalists and all the other people you’ve angered with your invention.”
“I’m surprised that the head of the state isn’t here to stop me himself.”
“Not many people in the government believe that your invention could actually work. Most of them think you are crazy.”
“Thank god for that. Tell those people outside to get lost…what the heck was that?”
The brittle front door crumbled under the strain and the unruly mob marched its way into the laboratory.
“Destroy the evil machine!” “Animals are humans too!” “Put the doctor behind bars!” chanted the mob.
“What is the matter with you people?” the doctor tried to get himself heard above the din.
The cameras flashed wildly as a tall, bearded man with a tattoo of a dolphin on his arm, stepped out of the pack. He seemed to have appointed himself the speaker for the mob. “Now look here! We will not let you wipe out the so called ‘non-intelligent’ forms of life. We humans do not own the Earth. You scientist types think you know it all…”
He was supported with screams of ‘Yea!” and “You tell him” all around.
“Furthermore,” the guy added, visibly strengthened by the mob’s backing, “we have obtained an injunction from the court to stop you.”
The assistant looked over the papers handed to him. “They seem to be in order.” he told the doctor, in a voice that betrayed his relief.
“All right. I won’t carry out the procedure.” the doctor said without emotion.
Loud cheers resounded across the entire room.
“What if he turns it on after we’ve gone?” someone argued, dampening the mood instantly.
“It must be destroyed.” suggested the leader.
“Destroy the machine! Smash it!” the mob cried, as it made its way towards the machine.
“I’m sorry Doctor.” The helper tried to ease his employer’s pain.
“Don’t be. The idiots don’t know that I was ready for such an eventuality. As soon as they attack the machine, it will automatically go into emergency mode and execute the procedure. Any moment now, there will be a whole new world.”
“Are you sure you’re doing the right thing, doctor?” The assistant was worried now.
“I’m positive. There’s no room for them.”
There was a blinding POOF as the machine responded to the crowd’s onslaught.

The dogs were surprised to see that the humans had left the plants and computers behind.

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