Social networking – foodie style

With the arrival of the vacation season, we have the added burden of doing something useful with our time.
Some people watch TV, some read, some write to their politicians, and after they get bored of that, all of them eat. Yes, vacations involve a lot of eating. But, the main problem with eating is that it requires – say it aloud now – cooking.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

1. You wake up with that taste in your head – the taste of that sumtuous gourmet meal you had at that lovely restaurant.

2. That coupled with the morning dizziness, inspires you to try and recreate that succulent treat at home.

3. You log onto the Internet, download the recipes and get to work.

4. After a few hours of ‘what the heck is sasperella-ing’, and ‘who likes truffles anyway-ing’ and  innovatively substituting the exotic indredients with the Indian alternatives, your meal is ready.

5. The meal tastes ‘a wee bit different’ from what you had envisioned .

6. You cry yourself to sleep consoling yourself with things like ‘youcan’t get those ingredients in India’ to – ‘ it would cost less to order it from a restaurant anyway’.

How many times has that happened to you?

Now call me naive, but there must be some people out there who can create that gourmet stuff at home using
ingredients and equipment that can easily be found in all Indian households/markets. It’s time for these people to step up and share their delightful recipes with us fellow gluttons. We’ll all try to whip them up and put up our creations
online for others to cherish and salivate over.
Which brings me to my brilliant idea – I call it the Open Source Recipe Project. Yessiree, you read it right
the first time – the OSRP. We’ll allow people to put up lists of dishes that they would really like to learn to create on
their own at home. People who have the requisite know-how can then contribute the recipes along with pictures
of their works. Of course, only recipes that have been tried and tested by the contributor would be accepted to ensure that they can indeed be made by mere mortals.

And lo/voila/presto, we’ll have a happy web 2.0-esque community in our hands. Lets see now, ‘Open Source’ – check, ‘Contribute’ – check, ‘Web 2.0’ – check. That just goes to show that there’s nothing you can’t achieve when you put the latest buzzwords together. So, when and where do we begin the social networking – foodie style?