The End Is Near – Chapter 1

Please steal a quick glance at your watches. That’s precisely when this story takes place. We zoom into a fairly run-of-the-mill banana republic in East Asia and find ourselves inside a military command room. A control panel takes center stage. It’s studded with a bunch of glowing thingamajiggies, which radiate the most sinister intentions. A…

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Flipping out – Chapter 1

“Do you want fries with that?” I asked the guy in front of the cash register. “Huh?” “Do you want fries with your burger?” I repeated, contorting my face into a smile.  The gentleman proceeded to think long and hard. His thick eyebrows furrowed as his brain processed the many variables required to solve the…

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Untitled Short Story – Chapter 1

An expectant hum permeates the air. Or maybe that’s just my jangling nerves. A man in a black gown sits beside me, intermittently whispering instructions into my ear. He’s my court-appointed attorney, a luxury granted only to the poor and defenceless, and in rare cases, the indefensible. The prosecution has set up shop on my…

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I live in an old house. You know the type. The floor, the wall, the cupboards – everything creaks. A side effect of growing up here is that I’m always unimpressed by the so-called horror movies Hollywood churns out. Ninety percent of the scares are just creaky household furniture and fittings. Hah. I’d never lose…

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The Twist

The steak was succulent. The chicken juicy. The entire meal had a certain…character to it. Vikram tucked into it with unusual abandon. Ana finally spoke when Vikram had finished licking his fingers. “You like it?” “Like it? It’s magical! Where did you find this genius chef?” “Oh, he’s good, no doubt. But the magic here…

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The question

An awkward silence hangs in the air. Her casual beauty makes me aware of things, I didn’t know existed A racy heartbeat, a heavy breath a tied tongue. I can’t wait longer I need to know I muster up courage, and ask, ‘Alexa, what’s the forecast for today?’

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The Right Swipe

Vivek’s finger moved across the phone screen in a rhythmic dance that had been perfected over many a bored night. Too tall. Left swipe. Too thin. Left swipe. Too short. Left swipe. Obscure quote. Left swipe. Pet as their profile picture. Left swipe. Too out of my league. Left swipe. Too… Just right. Trying to…

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The moonlight reflects off her disheveled hair. Their fingers brush gently. She looks into his eyes and whispers. “What kind of idiot flushes toothbrushes down the toilet ‘by mistake’?”

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What if(but not really)

Priya looks at him. He’s just a stranger sharing the same blanket now. She lies awake wondering why she let Him go so many years ago. She doesn’t know him is actually Him after he lost his memory and got plastic surgery to look like Him. She’s always wondered why her name is spelt with…

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